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Sales / Training For Saas Company - Basic Html/wordpress Experience A Plus
Posted: 01/10/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Important: Please read the "requirements and qualifications" section completely for job application instructions. If they are not followed and you send a "mass" job application we will ignore it.
We are rental based saas company looking for a sales and training representative. We need a full-time person with excellent written and verbal (near native) english skills. You should enjoy reaching out and talking to people and developing leads and partnerships.

Month 1: $600/month
Month 2 - 3: $700/month
Month 4+: $800/month - further salary increases may follow after first year

You will also earn performance based commissions on sales, and bonuses based on any marketing expertise you can bring to the organization (example: A social marketing piece that you write and make a image for which brings in more sales or visits)

Hours: 8 hours a day Monday - Friday. Of those 8 hours at least 4 hours must be in USA daytime hours (UTC - 5). 1 day a month paid sick/vacation.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Training and product demos for a Wordpress based SaaS - html/js or wordpress experience is a plus
  • Sales lead follow ups both cold and hot
  • Phone based sales
  • If you are good with graphics - a few social media images, or website updates. If not good with graphics - social media or website article content writing
  • We don't have much time for training or to manage - you must be self-motivated and stay productive
  • Maybe: Product data entry (should know how to use spreadsheets)
Requirements & Qualifications:
Please send a recording of yourself reading and then answering the following questions. You can google "share voice recording" to use a service or share a dropbox or google drive file with us:
1) Any sales experience? Were they hot or cold leads? How do you suggest we find new rental business leads for our saas?
2) Can you work 4 hours a day at least in USA daytime hours?
3) Do you have minimum 4mbps internet speed? Do you have any backup power?
4) Do you have any experience or at least know basic HTML code? Have you edited a Wordpress website before? Have you worked at a software or web company before? Please explain.
5) This can be written - any web graphics you made that you can share?
6) Are you able to work without much management and stay productive? Please explain.
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Sales Level 3
Marketing Level 2
Social Media Marketing Level 1