Job Details
Javascript Developer (angularjs, Angular4+, React)
Posted: 05/10/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We're looking for an experienced developer with primary emphasis on AngularJS and Angular4+.
We're a custom software company delivering custom application based on our client's needs. 
Please mind that we're not an end client - we're a software house working for end clients.
We need help maintaining old projects (mainly AngularJS) and new projects that we're starting - Angular4+ or React.
We treat you the same as we treat our in-house developers:
- paid vacation
- paid sick leave
- bonuses
Starting salary is $2000 for a full time work:
5 days a week
8 hours daily
Salary can be negotiated based on your experience.
Roles & Responsibilities:
What we're expecting:
More than 3 years of experience with JavaScript (AngularJS, Angular4+,React)
Experience with common transpilers, like Typescript or Babel
Good knowledge of reactive programming (asynchronous programming, queuing, caching…)
Good knowledge of code-based tools – GIT or others
Experience working with API-based applications
Ability to handle the entire development life cycle from end to end
Strong understanding and experience working with web development architectures and patterns (Flux, CQRS, Event Sourcing, MVC, Microservices…)
Excellent communication skills in written and verbal form
Server side JS is a bonus
Requirements & Qualifications:
- excellent English in writing and communication
- possibility to be available 9-17 GMT+1
- track time daily
Skills Required:
Web Development
AngularJS Level 3
Javascript Level 3
Programming & IT
Software Development Level 3