Job Details
Software Engineer
Posted: 03/04/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Hi, my name is David and I'm the CEO of ----------.  We create and support a variety of Shopify applications and are looking for a software engineer to join the team.  
You will receive
- Flexible holidays - take time off whenever you'd like (within reason)
- Autonomy to manage your day to day schedule (no strict hours)
- The opportunity to build cool products, gain technical breadth, and learn about how businesses work (if that's what you'd like)
Roles & Responsibilities:
- Expand existing products & develop new ones
- Brainstorm new developments
- Monitor production health
- Optimize hardware utilization
- Coordinate with our customer support team to fix bugs and build a better customer experience
Requirements & Qualifications:
- A desire to build
- An attitude of both independently and cooperatively overcoming challenges
- An unending desire to learn new skills, frameworks, and tools
- A strong work ethic
- You generally understand computer science principles
- Strong written and verbal English
- Experience working remotely in a team setting
- Experience with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript
- Experience in web development beyond a basic CRUD application (ie: you’ve handled concurrency, queue processing, memory optimization, integrated multiple APIs, etc.)
- You've created beautiful websites before
- You have a habit of writing clean code
- You can write performant SQL queries
- You understand the different types of databases, and the trade-offs between them.
- You understand the locality principle of data storage and retrieval (ie: how and when to cache)
- You understand internet infrastructure (ie: how/when/where packets move)
- You have a good sense for products (ie: understand what people want)
Skills Required:
Programming & IT
Ruby on Rails Level 4
Web Development
Database Level 4
Javascript Level 4