Job Details
Blog Writer And Copywriter For Women’s Fashion Brand
Posted: 03/30/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
You got what it takes to create compelling content and copy for Wicked Weasel, our swimwear and lingerie brand?
Wicked Weasel, a direct-commerce marketing company, is seeking a detail-oriented Blog Writer and Copywriter for immediate full-time hire to join its robust team of marketers, designers, content creators and technology experts.
Roles & Responsibilities:
This position will work closely with our existing Social Media Managers,  Community Manager and Director of Customer Acquisition and is expected to:
  1. Write copy for our email marketing sendouts, product pages, and email funnels
  2. Write on brand content for the social media posts across Wicked Weasel’s Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and  Youtube pages
  3. Create brand appropriate content to support current social media marketing initiatives
  4. Source brand appropriate content to be shared across the social media platforms
  5. Write articles for the Wicked Weasel Blog, and assist with loading that content into the platform
  6. Execute branding strategies requested by marketing department (of course, we’ll want your input too)
  7. Act as a support for the current community manager by answering comments and queries on the social pages in the correct tone and brand of voice
Requirements & Qualifications:
Skills and Experience Requirements
  • Have a marketer’s eye. Know what’s on brand, and what’s off brand when building social pages
  • 2 years of extensive experience creating high quality content for blogs, social media posts, email marketing campaigns -
  • Excellent written English is a must, understanding of times where it’s appropriate to use slang and market lingo
  • With intermediate experience in using social media pages, including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages.
  • Basic understanding of SEO and hashtagging
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail  
  • With ability to serve customers by providing product and service information and resolving product and service problems
Personality Requirements
  • You must, must, MUST be a team player - it’s the highest held value in the department you’ll be part of. We all work in harmony together, so we can all succeed together.
  • A successful candidate will be motivated, love people, an excellent listener, creative and enjoy fast-paced environments
  • An interest in fashion is a must
  • A LOVE of Learning. Willingness to go through training programs, test out new tools and software and- drive to take on new responsibilities as the company grows
  • The kind of person who likes to help others and willing to share knowledge with new people who will be on board in the future and train them to learn the ropes
  • Must be flexible and have the ability to take direction well
  • Natural tendency to keep up with latest trends in the marketplace
  • Must be open minded and comfortable with the content of the company website, from which swimwear and lingerie products are being showcased by women
Bonus Skills  
  • Experience in social media marketing / managing social media pages for brands
  • Experience with influencer marketing / running affiliate programs
  • Basic knowledge of graphic design is a plus
  • Can produce data from past projects that show successful results of created content, copywriting and/or managed social media page growth for businesses or social media influencers
Workstation Requirements
Mac or PC with at least 4GB of RAM and stable Internet connection
Work Arrangements:
This role initially requires 40 hours per week while working remotely with an 8-hour block availability from Monday to Friday between 7am to 4pm Philippine time (with an hour’s lunch break).
Application Guide and Deadline:
To be considered for this role, please take our Content Creator & Copywriter Skills Test on this link, ---------- and submit on or before 30 March 2019.
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
Blogging Level 4
Copywriting Level 4
Content Writing Level 4