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Publishing Resource for IOS
Posted: 03/08/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Skills / Experience Needed For The Job:

Exceptional communication skills: You understand that effective communication is about more than what you say, it's about taking the time to listen and understand. You can make complicated concepts sound easy or describe in detail the simplest of interactions.

Like solving technical problems: You won't need to know how to code in depth, but terms like HTML and XML shouldn't be foreign to you. You can quickly learn complex procedures and troubleshoot potential bugs on the fly (pun intended).

Must own a newer model Mac (2013 minimum): Make sure you have access to all the tools you'll need to accomplish your tasks, and by working with Apple, this is a must.

Dedicated workspace: With the need for the occasional phone call with clients, you must have a dedicated space to accomplish this without interruption.

Preferred Skills / Experience For The Job: 

Prior app submission experience: You have experience submitting apps to the App Store and Google Play, great! You don't?? Don't worry! You'll receive 2 weeks one-on-one training to walk you through the process until you have a grasp of it. 

Can you make good choices that serve both the customer and company? We need team members like you who are passionate about delighting and retaining customers.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Key Responsibilities:

Handling the submission of iOS and/or Android apps to the App Store and Google Play.

Performing excellent analysis, assessment and troubleshooting.

Ask smart questions, take risks and champion new ideas.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Here are the requirements. 
- Someone who can speak on the phone with customers. 
- Is very technical
- Has a MacBook (2013 or higher)
- Can learn how to publish apps on IOS or is knowledgable about the process.
Skills Required:
Mobile Applications
iOS Level 1
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 1
Technical Support Level 1