Job Details
Workforce Success Consultant
Posted: 03/15/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Tanda is a fast paced and market leading workforce success platform with offices around the globe - Brisbane, Manila, London, and Chicago. We are driven with a mission to build the world's best software for front line teams.
We are currently hiring in a remote support agent to assist our clients as their first point of call for account related questions.
What you'll love about Tanda:
  • We are growing quickly with forever expanding opportunities
  • We have a history of giving outsized responsibility to competent people early in their career
  • We truly believe what we are doing is important
Roles & Responsibilities:
Here's what we're looking for:
  • Extremely high computer literacy. You might not be familiar with our technologies - but we expect you to learn them quickly.
  • Outstanding written and spoken english - either at a Native or Fluent level.
  • Formative experience in a front-line role. Either recently early in your career, we highly value experience working directly with customers in a service role or similar.
  • Great with people. You are confident receiving inbound phone calls and making proactive outbound calls to clients
  • A great communicator - particularly remotely where face to face interaction is not common.
  • A strong cultural fit. You might be uncertain about exactly where you want to take your career, but you're certain you want to be a winner.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Working requirements:
  • Fast internet and a snappy computer
  • Ability to work weekends when needed
Living in a UK or European related timezone. GMT ± 3hrs
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Chat Support Level 3
Technical Support Level 3
Phone Support Level 3
Email Support Level 3
Customer Support Level 3