Job Details
High level PHP developer needed for our homemade e-mailing software
Posted: 04/02/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Looking for high level PHP developer to improve a home made e-mail sending platform linked to a home made php crm. CRM is based on Codeignter/PHP. Currently e-mail sending platform will communicate with CRM using custom REST API. A strong experience in e-mailing platforms would be a plus. Php development test will be proposed to eliminate all candidates not at level. 

Roles & Responsibilities:
Job need to be done:

Refactor native php code into more mantainable code using light framework (maybe Lumens, other suggestion is welcome)

PS Budget is just estimated, more details can be discussed during the interview.
Requirements & Qualifications:
- Understand REST API concept
- Understand MVC/HMVC in framework especially Codeigniter other frameworks like Laravel is plus
- Linux administrator (setup apache, php, mysql, cronjob)
- Understand concept mass emailing (how to get good score, emaling spam test, warming up, etc)
Skills Required:
Web Development
PHP MVC Level 3
Programming & IT
MySQL Administration Level 3
Linux Level 1