Job Details
Digital Maketing & Project Manager
Posted: 09/09/2023
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for an experienced Business Digital development/project manager  person to join our team.
Duties would involve:
- Management of company activities 
- Management of company structures and procedures 
- Management of company team members
- Management and implementing marketing Campaigns.
- project management of marketing campaigns
- creating marketing strategies for us and our customers
- managing multiple marketing campaigns both online and offline
- copyrighting both for online and offline call to action copy, marketing copy for all social media. 
Candidate that will proove himself / herself will be offered permanent position within our company.
Roles & Responsibilities:
implement a new company system 
implement new company structures and procedures 
Manage a team of professional 
Project manage companies 
1. Plans 
2. Strategies 
Project manage clients 
1. plans 
2. strategies 
To manage all aspects of digital marketing 
1. SEO strategies
2. setting up analytics, google console  and conversions tracking. Along with management of the above. 
3. Articles plans and strategies
4. Social media plans & strategies for all platforms to include Facebook ads manager.
Must have a proven track record in delivering marketing campaigns and meeting all KPI's with conversions.
5. google ad words plans & strategies to be incorporated into all plans & strategies.
Must have a proven track record in delivering marketing campaigns and meeting all KPI's with conversions. 
6. Reporting for all Marketing accounts. 
Requirements & Qualifications:
Must have at least 5 year experience in business management and marketing. 
Must have proven track record in 
managing a team of 5 or more 
Developing & managing business plans and strategies
A proven track record with proven marketing strategies.
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Analytics Level 5
SEO Level 5
Social Media Marketing Level 5
Google Webmaster Central Level 4
Google Website Optimizer Level 4
Social Media Optimization Level 4
Google AdWords Level 4
Business Services
Project Management Level 4
Finance & Management
Management Skills Level 4
Business Management Level 4