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Virtual Administrative and Marketing Assistant Superstar
Posted: 04/16/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
About Us:
Our business is ----------

We are a dynamic legal practice located in Australia, and are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses, while protecting them from the storms of growth. Our vision is to be Australia’s most impactful and innovative law firm for SMEs.

We are driven, in everything we do, by our 3 core values: 
- Care (for our clients, each other, and our broader community) 
- Excellence (the pursuit of never-ending improvement, to each be the very best at what we do)
- Innovation (finding ways to break the mould of legal firms, and provide value in unexpected ways)

We also host 2 of the top legal podcasts in Australia.
About The Role:

You will be working closely with the Administration & Marketing Manager, proactively taking administrative tasks off their hands while ensuring the companies marketing goals are achieved. Your main role will be to support the Administration & Marketing Manager and over time to build your own independent role - and to come up with ways of measuring and improving our performance. Exposure to marketing in general and social media marketing would be helpful but is not required! You are not required to be a creative copywriter, designer or marketing ‘strategist’ although your input will always be welcome. You are however required to manage internal systems, administration systems and the marketing system and to monitor performance. It also would be ideal if you have held a position managing people before, but is not a requirement. Digital marketing experience would be highly regarded but not essential.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Possible Task Examples:

- General Virtual Assistant activities - email management, appointment booking and calendar management, calling suppliers if necessary, formatting/editing/typing documents, solicitor assistance. 
- Help maintain and develop processes, systems and databases. 
- Come up with creative solutions for internal problems (eg helping find contractors to assist with technical issues in our office, etc)
- Assist with managing our relationship with our partners, and assist in thinking of ways to deepen these relationships
- Manage enquiries from existing or new clients 
- Help maintain our CRM and Newsletter databases. 
- Help create, send, manage and optimise newsletter and marketing campaigns. 
- Help manage our social media platforms and social media marketing calendar. 
- Generate reports, and think of new reporting possibilities in order to keep elevating our performance. 
- Help with outsourcing of other experts if needed. 

Examples of Systems and Tools we use:
Note: you do not need to have experience in all these tools, we provide on the job training.

- Google Apps (Email, GDrive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms)
- Slack (internal communication tool)
- Zoom (primary app for meetings, podcast recordings, teleconference)
- Asana (tool for task delegations and monitoring progress projects)
- Last Pass (system for our passwords and other account details)
- Hubstaff (time tracker)
- Insightly (our client database/CRM)
- Active Campaign (our newsletter and campaign database)
- Social Media Platforms and Tool (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Hootsuite)
Requirements & Qualifications:
About You:

- You’re smart, enthusiastic and love to do great work.
- You prefer working towards a goal rather than waiting to be given tasks.
- You’re excellent at systems and processes.
- You have a proven high level of initiative and problem solving skills
- You have high attention to detail and an outstanding level of organisation
- You are resourceful and able to think on your feet
- You’re a great communicator.
- You’re highly organised and think 3 steps ahead.
- You want to be valued and respected as part of a team.
- You get fulfillment supporting others.
- You like to be surrounded by high performing people
- Setting up spreadsheets and automation ‘hacks’ are easy for you!
- Prioritisation and planning is second nature to you.
- You have strong administrative skills 
- If you can’t do something, you can find someone who can.
- You’ve got strong experience (5+ years) that you think will provide a lot of expertise in this role.
Non Negotiables:
- You must have access to stable reliable internet.
- You must be available for 40 hours per week from 8:30am to 5:30pm Sydney time (8 hours per day plus 1 hour unpaid lunch break) Monday to Friday. 
- Your written English must be exceptional.
- You must be available for meetings on Zoom during those working hours. 
- You must actively communicate or correspond with team members.
- You must be able to complete tasks assigned as scheduled or on the due date. 
We have some big goals here at Aspect Legal and we are looking for a remarkable human who is intolerant of mediocrity and wants to lean in to a role that gives them the chance to think outside the square to build something big and life changing! 

If you are up for the challenge, then we want to talk to you! In your application please use the following subject line, “I’m up for the challenge”.
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Virtual Assistant Level 4
Calendaring Level 4
Time Management Level 4
General Office Skills Level 4
Social Media Management Level 4
Office Admin Level 4
Email Handling Level 4
Internet Research Level 4
Admin Assistant Level 4
Travel Planning Level 4