Job Details
Google Adwords & Social Media Ads Specialist
Posted: 11/30/2023
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for a dynamic person who can lead our CPC and bring the conversions and all KPI'S to multiple projects.
This person role is a critical role to help grow the company and all our clients.  If you want a long term career and have a good career progression then this job is for you.

CPC specialist with a proven track record with Ad Words, Facebook ads manager & all social media platforms. You will manage all campaigns and bring conversions and all KPI'S set out by the company.

Duties to include:
- Google adwords set up and management 
- Facebook ads management
- Instagram ads management  
- Bing ads management 
- Research, plans and planning
- Strategies and executing strategies
- daily check of the campaign performance
- adjustments of bids, keywords, ads
- aiming to bring the cost to click ration to utilise the budget more efficiently
- reporting on campaign performance
- managing landing pages and tweaking them (optional)
Roles & Responsibilities:
Develop new campaigns across all platforms. 
Develop and improve current campaigns across all platforms.
Manage existing and develop new company and clients campaigns.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Must have 3 years experience in google ad words yahoo, bing and social media platforms that includes Facebook ads manager. 
Must have experience and a proven track record in marketing and advertising in ad words and all social media platforms.
Must be able to work in a team environment and also to work on your own.
Must be able to follow orders and deliverer campaigns on time and meet all goals set out.
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Google AdWords Level 5
Facebook Marketing Level 5
Bing Ads Level 4
Display Ads Level 4
YouTube Marketing Level 4
Advertising Level 4
SEM / Adwords Level 4
Lead Generation Level 4
Mobile Advertising Level 3
Linkedin Advertising Level 3