Job Details
Build A Tiny Crm Using Airtable, Generate Lead Using Linkedin Search And Other Services, Maintain Contacts Database
Posted: 05/13/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are developing a tiny CRM using Airtable. 

This CRM contains some features for us to log interactions and accounts with prospects not only over emails and calls but also on social media actions like LinkedIn. We use this Airtable to sync with other CRM software through services like Zapier. 

Roles & Responsibilities:
The main scope is to build the Airtable and maintain it. Other people will oversee automation using services as Zapier/scripting/programming if you can’t work on this part, but you will need to collaborate with them. If you can work as well on the automation part, it's a big plus. 

You are comfortable enough with Airtable/Excel/ and Spreadsheet formula building (Excel/Google Sheets)?  With LinkedIn Search in Sales Navigator? Automation using Zapier, and other similar Service ? You can handle some programming/Scripting using Javascript/Node.js ?
Please tell if you feel there are things stated you can’t do?
Requirements & Qualifications:
Required  : 
-  Excel formula and data entry
- Airtable
Big plus:
- Automation using Airtable
- Automation using APIs /Scripting  Javascript and node.js
-  Linkedin Search | Sales Navigator
Skills Required:
General Computer Skills
Microsoft Excel Level 4
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Lead Generation Level 3
Lead Generation Level 3
CRM Level 3
Programming & IT
Zapier Level 3
Node.js Level 3
API Level 3
Web Development
Javascript Level 3