Job Details
Lead Generation
Posted: 06/04/2019
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
Your job is to find and qualify contacts as our potential customers.
Essentially your job is to identify and qualify the contact as a potential customer and create a curiosity in the prospect and create sort of a mysterious feeling where he would be waiting for the sales managers call in the next day or two.
After doing thorough research of a company you need to find and identify the decision maker, a person who is responsible for purchasing or any high-ranking manager.
The usual job positions held by decision makers:
1. General Managers / CEO's / Directors;
2. Purchasing / Procurement managers;
3. Sales Directors / Lead Sales Managers (these would be the least favorable but again they know a lot about their business);
Roles & Responsibilities:
Cold calling
Internet Research
Market Research
Leads generation
Filling our form with potential customers
Requirements & Qualifications:
Communication skills
Phone (we will pay for your conversations)
Previous experience in lead generation will be appreciated.
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
Communications Level 1
Administrative Support
Internet Research Level 1
Call Center Skills Level 1