Job Details
Lead Generation Expert
Posted: 06/13/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
This job will require you to remote into one of our office computers. You will use our internal database to enter leads that you will find on the internet. You will be given different non-profit organization types and you will be required to find the best contacts for those organizations! 
Roles & Responsibilities:
Your role will be to enter leads you find on the internet, and you will be responsible for entering 250+ quality leads per day worked.
Requirements & Qualifications:
The ideal candidate for this position must have a fast internet connection (so that they can remote into office network), a great ability to determine what a quality lead is, good organizational skills, good communication skills, be very detail oriented and speak fluent English.
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Lead Generation Level 5
Leads Level 5
Sales & Lead Generation Level 5
Administrative Support
Data Entry Level 5