Job Details
Virtual Customer Service & Email/phone Support Coordinator
Posted: 07/08/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:

We have an immediate need for a virtual customer service representative to support and handle all email and phone communication. 
We're looking for people who enjoy a challenge and thrive in a remote environment where things are moving very quickly.  We are looking for someone available full time, but with flexible hours.  Note we are Eastern Standard Time and would need to overlap time zones during each daily shift.  

Candidates must be very skilled in their understanding of english, skilled in their ability to empathize and be patience, and resilient in nature to resolve issues. We are looking for someone who is kind, a team player, open to feedback, quick to complete tasks and follows through with consistent work.  

Proficient in Microsoft Office and use of Google docs and Google phone.  You will provide each customer guidance and troubleshooting, all while maintaining a strong brand presence with all customers. Your goal will be to satisfactorily resolve the customer's need at the end of each interaction.

We create health and wellness teaching type video content and also run a medical practice here in the US.  Most of our content are informative, teaching lessons that drive viewers and potential customers/patients to email and call our medical practice.  Much of our work is changing live in positive ways.  Our callers and consumers often have an assortment of questions surrounding booking an appointment, questions about their health and other questions around buying or purchasing digital products and services.

People are our most valuable asset, and we provide training, personal development, and growth opportunities to help your professional growth.

We are a super fun, very creative and kind group of people to work with.  As we will check your references, you are welcome to speak with other members of out team.  We are a company that specializes in helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness, as well as live a more balanced, happy and healthy lives.  We love ALL things natural health focused, family, fitness and nice people with a sense of humor and strong independent work ethic.  

We would hope that you do a little research on our company, Natural Health Resources Inc. with Dr. Melissa Gallagher before applying for this job.  We are looking for a permanent team member who we can care for, help to develop and be a part of our growth in serving our community.

We do require mandatory use of 1Password on all devices and accounts pertaining to our company.  Lastly, you must be willing to do a video Skype Interview.

Before you apply for this job, please send a message letting us know you’ve done a little research and why you’d like to work fo us.  Also, please include your favorite vegetable in the subject and as the first sentence of your message.  We will not accept “form” or “copy and paste” replies. 
Roles & Responsibilities:

Primary Responsibilities
• Answer and respond to google and clinic voicemails, in-coming phone calls and emails and resolve issues in a remote environment
• Build a strong relationship with our customers
• When they hang up with you, they will have their issue completely resolved, and remember the great service they received
• Resolve the problem quickly and ensure situation does not escalate
• Speaking clearly with empathy in both positive and negative situations
• Communicate clearly and effectively
• Multi-task while on the phone - resolve the issue while maintaining a short call time

Key Factors for Success
• Do you hear someone's situation and are able to put yourself in their shoes?
• Do you go out of your way to help others?
• Are you able to be the voice of the company?
• Do you stay calm in escalated customer situations?
• When you get stressed, are you able to maintain your neutral point of view?
• Do you stay calm under pressure?
Are you organized and efficient?
Can you work independently with focus and goal orientation?
Requirements & Qualifications:

Required qualifications, skills and experience

This is the right job for you if you're able to:
• Speak on the phone and use a computer
• Empathize and be friendly with people you've never met
• Use logic and solve problems
Be part of a team
Desired qualifications, skills and experience

Nice to have (but not required):
• Customer service background
Experience with medical, healthcare financial services, technology companies, or something similar

Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Call Center Skills Level 2
Email Handling Level 2
Virtual Assistant Level 1
Customer Service
Phone Support Level 2
Customer Support Level 2
Chat Support Level 1
Order Processing Level 1
Email Support Level 1