Job Details
Customer Success & Sales Representative
Posted: 07/08/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We're a Canadian 3D Printing Company looking to bring on a Customer Success and Sales Representative to help with customer questions when our North American Customer Success team is off. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
We can provide training to get you up to speed on what customers will ask, and have documentation online which can be referenced to help guide you, as well as customers. 

Typically, these inquiries will come in through Drift Chat, Email, as well as Website Contact Forms. There is no phone experience required with this role.

We believe that being responsive to these customer inquiries at all hours will help provide them a better experience. 
Requirements & Qualifications:
We're looking for someone who has:

  1. Strong, written, English communication skills
  2. Strong ability to grasp mechanical and technical concepts
  3. Is friendly, reliable, and resourceful 
This role will require an 8 hour/day work schedule, from 9PM EST, to 5AM EST. We do not have any location requirements; however, please keep the above time requirements in mind if you are applying. 

Please don't hesitate to email ---------- if you have any questions about this role!
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 3
Email Support Level 3
Technical Support Level 3
Order Processing Level 3
Chat Support Level 3
Shopify Support Level 3
Sales & Marketing
Sales Level 3