Job Details
Director, Global Impact
Posted: 08/22/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for a senior level, impact oriented, passionate advocate of small business!
We run a Global Movement called Thank You Small Business which runs events and content campaigns around the world in support of small businesses.
We also have a Global Commitment to economic justice where we are focused on using our small business growth program to help business owners from under-resourced communities get access to the support they need to succeed.
We need someone to come in and do the strategic thinking, business development and management of these key initiatives and help us change the world and the economy - one small business at a time.-
Roles & Responsibilities:
Constant Learner & Thought Leader
  • Be an active learner and constantly research, learn and understand the best way to create global impact, movements, effective global communities and how to tackle economic injustice and apply those learnings to Team Trainings, updated SLAPu modules and updated systems and processes
  • Consistently develop skills and learning - take courses, go to conferences and bring new ideas, concepts, best practices and ways to be better changing the economy through small business back into Silver Lining
  • Be our internal and external Thought Leader on all topics related to Economic Justice, Thank You Small Business, global communities and large scale partnerships - be available to train our team, train our SLAPsters, speak publicly and take on the Silver Lining voice for this area of the business. 
Thank You Small Business Regional Strategy
  • Developing strategy for which regions to go into
  • Recruiting and signing Regional Ambassadors
  • Organizing and managing the Partner Development for each Region with the Regional Ambassador
  • Oversight of cultural / necessary localization of the TYSB Strategy for each region
  • Ongoing oversight of TYSB strength and growth in each Region
Thank You Small Business Partner Development
  • Work with Silver Lining's direct relationships and Regional Ambassadors to build a global network of corporate partners who fund a collective 1.5M in Thank You Small Business sponsorships - with 4-5 partners per region spanning 9 regions around the world
  • Work with Thank You Small Business Manager to do ongoing relationship development and management of these key stakeholders
Impact 500 Program Development
  • Develop a global network of successful business leaders who are values aligned with Silver Lining
  • Generate 1M in annual contributions from those people to allocate to bringing SLAP into under-resourced communities through the Impact 50 Program (grow into the Impact 500 Program)
  • Manage and grow those relationships on an ongoing basis
  • Work closely with the Silver Lining Team to ensure that the program is working, we are recruiting the right small businesses, we are doing powerful storytelling and releasing data and stats that prove our mission around economic justice
Silver Pledge Strategy & Oversight
  • Own the strategy and all initiatives to live into our Silver Pledge and hold our team accountable for this work.
    • Transparent Compensation
    • Pay What You Can Strategy
    • Economic Development
    • Silver Challenges
Manage Global Impact Team
  • Work with People Team on recruiting and hiring any team members needed
  • Manage team and ensure you have the right team to hit the Goals this team has within the approved budget 
    • Thank You Small Business Manager
    • Silver Pledge Manager
  • Hold Roles/Goals meetings with each person on team every single month and be a trusted advisor to your team as well as an active investor in and supporter of their success
  • Identify any performance challenge or issue and immediately bring to People Team's attention and work through business processes to solve
  • Identify any/all ways you/we can support your team's overall performance and success
Sit on Leadership Team
  • Participate in Leadership Retreat every July and January (in person)
  • Understand financial model and drive Global Impact Team based on growth goals and budget
  • Hold significant responsibility for leadership role of the REACH part of the SILVER FUNNEL
  • Proactively demonstrate leadership and represent Silver Lining's values, passion and commitment to excellence as an example for the entire team to see and learn from
  • Be extremely strategic and constantly support the business and team's growth and development by identifying and acting on opportunities as well as by identifying and solving problems
Requirements & Qualifications:
-International business experience
-Significant and proven business development experience
-Proven track record of owning and managing a P&L of 1M+
-Experience managing a team of at least 10 people
-Proven passion and experience in the small business and economic development space
-Any experience in corporate sponsorship and partnership management a plus
Skills Required:
Finance & Management
Business Development Level 5
Event Management Level 4
Fundraising Level 3
Sales & Marketing
Relationship Management Level 5
Public Relations Level 4
Sales Level 4
Design & Multimedia
Presentations Level 4