Job Details
small Business Coach & Accountability Partner
Posted: 08/22/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a SaaS company with a business growth program for small business owners.  Our program is based in behaviour change science and helps small businesses become more profitable and sustainable.
One of the key ways that we support our small businesses is with our SLAPmanager Team.
Our SLAPmanagers often have backgrounds in hospitality, fitness and wellness, psychology - or any other field where you are totally motivated by helping other people and are highly persuasive and able to help people do the right things to help themselves!
Every SLAPmanager that joins our Team participates in a 200 hour behaviour change training program and then is put onto the front lines - helping the small business owners that we serve to sign up for our program, to stay accountable to their goals and to ultimately succeed!
Roles & Responsibilities:
Sign Ups
-Speak with qualified small business owners
-Take a consultative approach to understand their realities as a small business owner
-Identify if SLAP would be good fit for them
-If so, overcome any objections and get them signed up!
-Do bi-weekly accountability calls with small business owners to help them stay on track with the program
-Answer inbound questions and help to solve small businesses needs in between calls
-Do outbound accountability when the software triggers you to tell you that a small business owner is not performing well or might need additional support
-Constantly evaluate and identify the health of the small businesses that you are speaking with help them to do the right thing, get unstuck and optimize their behaviour in order to get results
Requirements & Qualifications:
-Genuine passion for small business
-Experience in a role where strong listening and connecting skills were a must
-Proven persuasion skills - as demonstrated by the ability to close sales  / get other people to do what you need them to do
-A proven interest in human behaviour, performance, optimization, wellness as demonstrated by a course you took or a hobby you have in an area like this
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 4
Sales & Marketing
Sales Level 4
Business Services
Business Consulting Level 1