Job Details
Online Researcher
Posted: 08/12/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Position:  Internet Researcher.  We are a stable family business looking for good people to join our "family."  We want to grow our business and are looking for people who want a long term work relationship and who want to grow and prosper as our company grows and prospers!
In addition to the wage, we offer two bonus systems: 1) A performance based bonus; and 2) A year end profit-driven bonus.  We also provide two weeks of paid vacation per year as well.
The primary responsibility for this position entails researching clients and properties on the internet.  The successful candidate will be very detailed oriented, efficient, and diligent.  Attention to detail and the ability to capture those details is essential.  No previous internet research experience is required as full training will be provided, however the ability to learn and apply knowledge is a must.  I am looking for long term help.  If you are not stable and willing to commit to a long term relationship, please do not apply.
This is a full time position of 40 hours per week, however the actual work schedule can be flexible to accommodate family needs or other circumstances.  For example, you may choose to work 30 hours Monday through Thursday and then work an additional 10 hours on Saturday.  The scheduling of the hours is flexible, but you must be available to speak with your manager for instruction, training, and coordination during working hours in the United States.
I am looking for somebody to grow with our business and be a part of our “family.”  A cheerful but professional  demeanor as well as good values and character are indispensable to this position. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
Internet Research
Skip Tracing
Collation of Research Results in Spreadsheets and CRM Input
Maintenance of Research Records
Acquiring New Client Lists (easy task and training provided)
Creation and Maintenance of Work Tools
Other roles and responsibilities as required
Participate in Company Improvement Activities
Requirements & Qualifications:
Requirements and Attributes of the Successful Candidate:
  1. Honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and work accuracy and thoroughness.
  2. Efficiency and diligence with a desire to do things correctly.
  3. The ability to take initiative and think on one’s own.
  4. The ability to take and follow directions.
  5. Basic English fluency with the ability to communicate and understand instructions.
  6. A cheerful but professional demeanor.
  7. Good communication skills.
  8. Stable electrical service and other utilities.
  9. Fast and stable internet connection capable of supporting internet calling or VOIP.
  10. Your own computer & equipment.
  11. A quiet working environment suitable for concentrating on work.
  12. An environment suitable for keeping all data confidential and the personal ability to Conduct oneself in a manner that all data is kept confidential.
  13. Pro-active self-starter with the ability to think on their own and make the best decision.
  14. Computer literate and able to use Microsoft & other business Apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, google sheets, etc.)
  15. Send 60 sec. mp3 to me at ---------- to introduce yourself and attach your resume.
Skills Required:
General Computer Skills
Microsoft Word Level 3
Microsoft Excel Level 3
Attention to Detail Level 3
Administrative Support
Internet Research Level 3