Job Details
Python Backend and database Developer
Posted: 08/13/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a small, but quickly growing software development company. We are looking for an experienced backend developer with a lot of experience working with python, databases, and APIs. We need someone with an attention to detail and able to follow direction, but willing to ask questions too.
We have a wide range of needs so there will be plenty of varied tasks. We are project driven and highly collaborative. We will not pull you in a million different directions :)
A candidate should have their own computer and stable internet connection to apply. We want a full-time employee that is only working for us and able to commit 40 hours per week. You are in charge of your own hours.
We are extremely kind people who focus on cooperation, autonomy, and mastery. We will train you to be the best you can be and are ALWAYS here to help should you get stuck. The goal is for you to develop into a self-sufficient individual who adds tremendous value to the team. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
You will work as a python backend developer under our senior developers on existing projects, and get to take the lead on new projects. Current projects are built in Flask on python 3 using various databases such as firestore, dynamodb, elasticsearch and mongodb. We are open to new technologies.
We are looking for a true member of the team who can innovate, give suggestions, learn new technologies and make an impact. You will have the opportunity to learn from developers at the company, and mentor new developers as the team grows
Requirements & Qualifications:
You must have professional experience with object oriented python development, and database experience (the specific database is not important as long as you understand how to structure and query data in general).
Skills Required:
Web Development
Python Level 4
Database Level 4
Programming & IT
API Level 4