Job Details
Executive Assistant For Company With Tremendous Growth Potential
Posted: 09/06/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a digital marketing company based in California, specializing in SEO, Website Design, Pay-Per-Click, and Social Media.  
We are looking for an Executive Assistant to join our Digital Marketing Family.  We pride ourselves on having excellent core values and will treat you like part of OUR PAMILYA!
Roles & Responsibilities:
The core mission of the role of Executive Assistant (EA) is to help the executive team with the everyday responsibilities so the executive team can focus on strategic planning and growing the company’s revenue and profitability.  This is a great opportunity to help grow the company and earn excellent bonuses!
The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  admin work, bookkeeping, lead generation, screening candidates for hire, onboarding candidates, answering calls, managing calendars, setting up systems, overseeing the systems library, human resources, collections, onboarding clients, overseeing client accounts.  Since we are in the process of hiring our Sales Team which will take a few months, if no sales reps are available, we would need the EA to be able to talk to a potential client and sell them on our services. As with all employees, the Executive Assistant must be able to give our clients and potential clients the very best customer service possible.  
We offer great pay and bonus potential!
Targeted Compensation Range
Base $3-$5/ hour
Commission / Bonuses - Up to $500/month
OTE (On-Target Earnings) Year 1 - $7,000-$12,000
OTE (On-Target Earnings) Year 2 - $10,000-$15,000
***After 3 month probation period, you would qualify for benefits such as 13th Month Pay, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Leave, and Paid Vacation.
Key Responsibilities
Revenue :  Help company reach $20,000/month revenue by 6/30/2020
Clients:  Help company reach 10 subscription clients by 6/30/2020
Admin:  Within 2 months, finalize (client-ready) all of the pitch kits and forms related to contracts, payments, intake, products that company will use for its clients.  Able to competently use the CRM to do lead generation and follow up with potential clients. Able to book reservations. Managing
Database and CRM. Provide daily updates with call logs and document your activities.  Taking inbound calls from potential leads, and other people returning your calls.
Client Relations Manager:  If sales people are not available, will serve as client relations manager 
Onboarding new hires:  Coming up with a great onboarding process, setting up new hire accounts
Financial:  Bookkeeping, sending invoices.  Able to keep track of income and expenses
Systems:  Build a library of training materials in the systems folder so that a new Sales Rep can use it to train from them.  Spend 4 hours out of every week to improve systems and update UBS Folder
Lead Generation:  Generate an average of 30 leads/day (150/wk)
Recruiting:  Refer 3 candidates that pass initial phone screen/year to get promoted
Collections Some collecting money. If credit cards are expired, need to call the client.
Requirements & Qualifications:
- Full time 40 hours/week.
- Must have excellent SPOKEN and WRITTEN English with pleasant speaking voice
- Excellent phone skills
- Neutral Accent
- Must be comfortable with Cold Calling.
- Able to work during USA hours PST (7am-4pm or 8am-5pm or 9am-6pm)
- Must have High speed internet capable of making outbound calls to clients and for research.
- Must have good computer and headset.
- At least 2+ years of college.
- Excellent organizational and time management.skills
- Must be persistent, very hard working, HONEST,
- Self-motivated and results-oriented
- Positive Attitude!
- Prior digital marketing experience a plus!
- Will provide training
- PayPal Account for getting paid
***This is a long-term position with a good base pay and excellent opportunity to make large bonuses for the right applicant working 40 hours a week (during US hours).
All qualified applicants please:
  1. send a separate email to ----------
  2. Put in subject line: I’m Pumped For This Digital Marketing Job!!!
  3. In the text of the email, please put, “Check out my resume and voice clip”
  4. Attach your updated resume
  5. Attach Video or voice clip detailing why you would be a good fit for this position
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Office Admin Level 3
Admin Assistant Level 3
Virtual Assistant Level 3
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 3