Job Details
Despatch Assistant
Posted: 09/04/2019
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
This job is all about dispatching, more like bagging and tagging but in this case you use envelopes it doesn't require much skills mainly being able to operate a PC/laptop and a printer because that's what its all about.
Roles & Responsibilities:
I am a busy man so because of this I need an assistant that will work part-time in helping me despatch letters more like payroll stuffs, get in touch and contact me a t headoffice at auofficegroup do t come to know more about this job. It pays $300 weekly and its part-time so don't loose this opportunity and give me a buzz
Requirements & Qualifications:
The applicants should have a PC/laptop and a printer then will need a copy of his or her DL emailed to me.
Skills Required:
General Computer Skills
Rapid Skill Learning Level 1
Internet Browsing Level 1
Fast Pace Working Level 1