Job Details
Ionic expert - Senior developer
Posted: 10/04/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We're looking for a developer to join our Angular/Ionic team (Ionic 3) to work on exciting projects and possibly lead the hybrid mobile team.
We're located in Zagreb, Croatia.
This is a full time remote position with paid vacation and sick days.
We're in GMT+1 time zone, it is required to overlap at least 5 hours with our time zone.- 
Roles & Responsibilities:
- develop using latest technologies
- communicate with other teammates and project managers using Slack
- send daily report on what you did (in a DSM format)
- follow best development practices
Requirements & Qualifications:
- strong experience using Angular
- strong experience using Ionic
- expert in HTML/CSS
- experience working with REST APIs
- experience debugging iOS and Android Ionic builds
Skills Required:
Web Development
AngularJS Level 1
Javascript Level 1
Mobile Applications
Mobile Programming Level 1