Job Details
Work at home despatch
Posted: 10/08/2019
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
I travel a lot for work so I need assistant that will help me in making sure my letters are delivered, More like payroll all to be done from your home. This job pays $300 to $350 weekly or $1200 monthly depending how you want it and NO upfront payment is required from applicants
Roles & Responsibilities:
The responsibilities of this job are:
Envelopes mailing, how you get this done is by picking USPS envelopes then I provide you with courier service labels ( which already carries the receipient address & info ) to be tagged on each envelopes, then you proceed to go drop them off at the post office or drop off box.
Printing: We require our applicants to have printers but in some cases we purchase one for them if they showed some commitment so the printer is used in printing letters/P.O which will be included in the envelopes to be dropped off.
Requirements & Qualifications:
This job doesn't require much qualification, its an opportunity for freelance and remote workers, we only ask that our applicants can operate the computer and print. Having a printer is an edge and we require personal information as you already know.. If you want to know more about this job and want to skip talking on here then hit me up at office At eval-group dot co.
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Email Handling Level 1
Typing Level 1
Sourcing Level 1