Job Details
Energy and carbon data analyst
Posted: 11/04/2019
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
This role has primary responsibility for collecting, analysing, managing and reporting energy and carbon data with some client liaison. Part time with a potential to increase hours based on work load.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Extracting energy and carbon information from online portals, including energy bills, interval data, solar performance data and site/facility information
  • Engaging with clients to obtain a range of other information relating to a client’s operation
  • Use of Microsoft Excel workbooks to analyse and graph energy and carbon emissions information (trends, percentages, scenario analysis, KPIs)
  • Collection of non-energy data (statistical information like population number, weather data, building area, operating hours, number of staff, etc.) to derive useful energy and carbon metrics and trends
  • Preparation of carbon inventories aligned with Australian (e.g. NCOS, NGER) and international standards
  • Using historical data and other information to project future energy use and carbon emissions
  • Creation of templates to automate tasks
  • Contribution to client reports in Microsoft Word based on data analysis
  • Contribution to PowerPoint presentations and posters for stakeholder workshops, based on data analysis
  • Contribution to creation of processes/procedures
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Tertiary qualification in energy-related degree (university )
  • >3 years experience
  • Experience in managing complex energy data
  • Excellent English skills – both written and oral
  • Excellent skills in MS Office Excel, comfortable with MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Carbon accounting knowledge
  • Strong background in quantitative analytics
  • Excellent client interfacing skills (via phone and email)
  • Reliable internet with internet speed supporting video conferencing (via Skype/Zoom)
  • Computer/laptop with recent version of MS Windows & Office, ability to handle large files (eg load profiles)
  • Familiarity with solar modelling (Helioscope, PVSyst, Nearmap)
  • Familiarity with energy/carbon data software like Envizi, Azility, E21, Trellis
  • Previous experience with Australian energy data (knowledge of e.g., NEM, NGER, NCOS, VEET, ESS, RET)
  • Backup internet connection
Attributes and skills
  • Ability to work from home – is able to work without having colleagues physically close by
  • Strong attention to detail – for both analytical work (e.g., no mistakes) and written comms (e.g., no typos)
  • Excellent analytical thinking skills. Ability to analyse and synthesise complex information and issues into meaningful and practical advice.
  • Client relationship skills. Is attentive and listens to customers to understand their needs, cares about getting project delivery right, values the provision of accurate and timely information.
  • Follow procedures Is able to follow documented procedures
  • Problem solving skills – actively looking to solve an existing problem, resourceful
  • Reliability and following through– can work on their own to get a task done without reminders, stays on top of a task even if the manager doesn’t
  • Curious - Is willing to and quick to learn and wants to get to the bottom of problems
  • Initiative - Contributes ideas and initiates new ways of working, takes ownership of problems, acts on opportunities and devises practical solutions.
  • Independence and flexibility - Self-directed and proactive, able to work with minimal supervision yet know when to seek advice and support.
  • Computer skills - Uses a wide range of software products like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, dropbox, etc.
  • Communication skills - Develops clear timelines for tasks, regularly communicating with team members, operating within required standards.
Skills Required:
Engineering, Manufacturing & Science
Clean Technology Level 3
Electrical Engineering Level 3
Climate Sciences Level 2