Job Details
payroll manager
Posted: 12/09/2019
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
How are you doing? I want to be honest with you this is legal, but I have a way for you to earn money from home without getting into trouble. You will not be involved in the cashing of checks because if you do you will end up getting into trouble with them. So I have designed this offer specifically for you because I do not want you to get into trouble, I have contacts everywhere in the USA whom I am supposed to send checks to but because I'm outside the USA I"m unable to send them directly to these contacts because it's cost effective so I need someone who lives in the USA who will help receive my checks in Bulk and then forward them in single shipments to my contacts.You will not face any harm whatsoever as you will not cash any  check, only receive and forward so as to cut down my expense of sending directly from here. This Offer will be of no monetary expense to you as I will pay for all shipping costs as well as put you on a very good
weekly wage that we will agree on.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Once you have agreed to work with me, I will forward you a list of all the contacts as well as my UPS and fedex account information which you will need to ship the checks without spending any money. If you are interested reply me back, thanks and hope to hear from you shortly.I am open to discussions about your pay also.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Any qualification will be fine as fine as you have the ability and resources to work with me, and it 100% fun free with less stress.
Skills Required:
Business Services
Payment Processing Level 1
HR / Payroll Level 1
Finance & Management
Accounts Payable Level 1
Sales & Marketing
Display Ads Level 1