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Independent Hr Consultant
Posted: 01/03/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
Attention HR Consultants: CleverX just went live! 
If you're an independent consultant(or want to become one), getting high-ticket clients will be your top priority. Join ----------;s expert network and start advising CxOs from top companies. 
This is not a full-time role. CleverX allows you to advise/coach executives via video calls and you'll be paid for every minute. 
  • You can charge between $3 to $20 for every minute of advice.
  • You can cancel or reschedule the bookings to suit your lifestyle.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Responsibilities and Duties 
We're looking for HR Consultants who can come and join CleverX as a subject matter expert. 
CleverX connects CxO level execs with the top 1% business consultants via 1-on-1 paid video calls. 
Here's our story. We come from a management consulting background, and we noticed that access to an expert professional was not really democratic. We set out to change this a year ago and were able to connect 50+ experts with 200+ businesses from different parts of the world. 
We're different from traditional 'expert networks'. Here's why:
  • CleverX allows 1-on-1 on-demand advisory calls where clients pay for every minute of your(expert's) time.
  • We've already addressed common issues like getting paid on time(handled), other experts undercutting you(exclusivity) and untracked billable hours(you're paid for every minute).
  • You can choose who you want to mentor and when. It's usually a scheduled 30 min video call and most experts like to use their free time to build connections. 
  • We launched CleverX a couple of weeks ago and are only looking to work with a limited number of experts. This is because exclusivity is part of our promise to early experts
Requirements & Qualifications:
Required Experience and Qualifications
  • You have 10+ years of experience working with Fortune NN companies.
  • You have a degree from a top-tier college.
  • Exceptions for great candidates
Skills Required:
Finance & Management
Recruitment Level 1
Human Resources Level 1
Business Services
HR / Payroll Level 1