Job Details
Excellent Designer Required For Long Term Opportunity
Posted: 02/08/2020
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a UK based digital agency providing design services and other aspects and we are quickly expanding, meaning that we need to find a new designer to join the team - hopefully that’s you!

The opportunity:
If you like the idea of working in a business that shares the rewards and always strives to pay its team fairly and empower them to be successful at what they do, then this is the opportunity for you!
We currently have a backlog of 5 days of work, meaning that you should find yourself with plenty of work to do (however this is dependent on the demands of our clients, which we’ll always be transparent about).
We are based in London, UK and in the future, we hope to do a full company event here in London, which would mean a trip here - all expenses paid! But let’s work together to make the business a success first :) We also hope to provide health insurance in the future as well.
Roles & Responsibilities:
The role will involve designing:
  • Banner ads
  • Website / landing pages
  • Logos
  • Infographics
  • Report templates
Requirements & Qualifications:
The perfect person:
If you are a perfect fit, you will be able to provide examples of designs from the above that you have produced and will take pride in producing modern, clean, professional designs.
You will also be used to working in English and have great written communication skills.

To apply:
We will run a 2 step application process.
Step 1 - If you are interested, we’d love to see an application from you!
Please include the following in your application:
  • Examples of your work
  • How many hours you are available each week
  • Hours you are able to work in the UK time zone (e.g. GMT)
  • What your pay per hour is
  • How many hours it would take you to complete the task detailed below
  • What your preferred design tool is and whether you have any experience with ----------
  • Please add one sentence saying how you learned to read and write in English

Step 2 - Based on the applications we receive, we will then ask you to complete a trial job (we always believe in paying fairly, so you will of course be paid for this).
The trial will be to produce a banner/advert for a conference, all details will be provided after you apply
Please do let us know if you require any clarification at all!

Thank you!
Skills Required:
Design & Multimedia
Graphic Design Level 5
Banner Design Level 4
Landing Pages Level 4