Job Details
Customer Service Representative
Posted: 02/20/2020
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
You will be answering calls and supporting customers with orders, phone setup and other queries. This is a full time requirement during PST business hours. Work hours will be for 9 hours and 1 hour unpaid break with two 15 minute breaks in between your shift. Work requirement is for 6 days a week including weekends. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
You will be assisting customer with order processing, helping out with phone setup, answering general question about the account, and escalating calls or concerns to supervisors as needed.
Requirements & Qualifications:
No experience is required but if you have, it will be a plus. You should have good command of English communication both in written and verbal. Know basic computer skills. Have a strong wired internet connection, at least windows 7 or higher with Core I5 processor and 4 gig ram. If you have the desire to help others you may be a good fit for the job.
Skills Required:
General Computer Skills
Team Player Level 1
Problem Solving Level 1
Attention to Detail Level 1
Customer Service
Chat Support Level 1
Order Processing Level 1
Technical Support Level 1
Email Support Level 1
Phone Support Level 1
Customer Support Level 1