Job Details
e-Commerce / Amazon VA
Posted: 03/26/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
Service: e-Commerce VA
Experience: Expert
Hours/Week: 20 Shift
Time Zone: EST
Shift Hours: between 9 AM - 5 PM
Shift Days: Weekdays
VA Skill Concentration: Amazon Expert VA
Roles & Responsibilities:
- Amazon, Shopify Product Development and Production Director
- Product Development
- Product Sourcing
- Product Research
- Keyword Research
- Amazon Seller Central Management, listing optimization, management of account health, policy violations, reporting, and communication. In addition to sales campaigns and increased PPC
- Shopify updates to website and products as needed
Requirements & Qualifications:
1) Focus on Amazon SKILLS
2) Handled 6 digits Amazon accounts over 10 markets (Ex. Amazon US, Europe, Asia, America)
3) At least 3 years of Amazon experience - SOLID
4) Amazon PPC
5) Applications/Software Required Knowledge: Helium 10, Jungle Scout
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Amazon Level 5
Shopify Marketing Level 4
Display Ads Level 4