Job Details
Flutter Mobile Developer
Posted: 08/27/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We're looking for a developer with Flutter experience for development of mobile apps to join our team.
The job is fully remote with paid holidays and sick leave.
We expect the candidate to be available in GMT+1 time zone available 9-17.
Preferred communication channel is Slack
Salary is based for full time (8hrs per day) monthly long term engagement (6+ months).
Final salary will be agreed based on experience. 
Each candidate that passes the first round will be required to solve a test assignment (takes 2-4 hours) which is not compensated.
After the submitted solution, a technical interview is conducted.
Roles & Responsibilities:
- develop and maintain mobile and web applications
- communicate with project managers and other developers on a daily basis
- send daily status report in written form
Requirements & Qualifications:
- experience with Flutter framework
- experience in mobile development
- good understanding of object oriented principles
- experience with GIT
- nice to have experience in Android or iOS mobile development
- nice to have experience with backend/server side development
Skills Required:
Programming & IT
Software Development Level 1
Writing & Content
Communications Level 1
Mobile Applications
Mobile Programming Level 1