Job Details
Customer Service And Admin For Hospitality & Real Estate Business
Posted: 08/02/2022
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Our company seeks to hire a virtual assistant to focus on customer service, admin, and marketing.
IMPORTANT: To apply, please submit answers to the specific questions in the job post below. Once we receive the answers, we will schedule a phone or video interview. 
SHIFT: 8-9 hours per shift, 5 shifts per week
$520 - $700/month (Base + Performance Bonus)
Voyage Management LLC started in 2012 and manages real estate including short term and long term rentals. It is based out of Boston with 20+ properties under management or ownership, with plans to expand. It owns the brand ---------- and may utilize other brands it owns. It hires local cleaners and contractors for on-site support. Your supervisor and the main decision maker is the owner (Farhan Abbasi).
Roles & Responsibilities:
 During your shift, you will:
- Handle all online and phone guest inquiries from Airbnb, ----------, Craigslist, Facebook, and other rental sites.
- Coordinate by phone or email with cleaners/vendors and guests to resolve issues or give special instructions.
- Create email marketing campaigns
- Schedule automated and manual social media posts. 
- General projects involving marketing, admin, technology, research, or personal assistance.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Are you OK with the shift in the job post?
Are you OK with compensation range in the job post?

How many clients do you currently work with? What work do you do for them? Will you keep any?
Will you work from home, an office, or an Internet café?
Do you have a backup electricity generator or alternative place to work in case of an issue preventing you to work at home?
What is your internet speed (download and upload speed)? What type of internet is it (Coax, fiber, antenna)?
Do you have backup internet access? 
What computer do you use (model and year). What is your backup computer (if you have one)?
What type of English customer service sales have you done, and how much did you close?
How much English phone support have you done?
What type of writing projects have you performed (e.g. blogs, etc)?
Do you have any on-site or virtual airbnb hosting experience?
Do you have any real estate related experience?

Have you been responsible for marketing or social media accounts?
Have you used Airbnb, HubSpot CRM, Gmail, Craigslist, Facebook, Excel, Dropbox?
Have you built a website using Wordpress or anything else?
Do you do accounting, book-keeping, or financial modeling?
Is there any type of virtual assistance you are not comfortable with?
Are you OK with recording software, in case I need to monitor your work? (What have you used?)
- Resume
- 3 client references
- A voice sample
- Links/examples of your work for:
Customer Service Emails
Customer Service Calls (pre-recorded)
Admin projects
Writing projects (newsletters, social posts, etc.)
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Phone Support Level 5
Customer Support Level 5
Administrative Support
Office Admin Level 4