Job Details
Software developer/Engineer - Java, Spring, Python, PHP, MySQL, Angular, HTML, JavaScript, Android
Posted: 07/25/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
We are looking for a remote software developer/engineer to assist in the development of new software projects, new features on existing software applications, and continuous software maintenance/bug fixes. Some examples of applications that we work on and manage are job costing analysis software, mobile Android applications, Angular web applications, operational software to streamline medical claim management, and quantitative investing software.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Given that we have such a broad suite of software projects, depending on the candidate's background and area of interest, the candidate can work on what he/she enjoys most which will free up other team members to do the remaining work.
That being said, he/she would be expected to handle any ad-hoc support requests that come in. 
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Must have common sense and debugging skills to investigate and do root cause analysis on software applications
  • Eager to learn
  • Independent (since your manager may be in a different time zone)
  • Organization/prioritization skills
  • Experience working with Git
  • Understanding of how APIs work, front end vs. back end applications
Candidate must have some foundation or background in one or more of the following.
  • Java
  • Spring or Google Juice
  • Working with databases, preferably MySQL
  • Working with AWS, EC2 instances, setting up databases, AWS Batch
  • Docker containers
  • Python 3
  • PHP web applications
  • Android mobile Java applications
  • Angular web applications
  • JavaScript and HTML
Skills Required:
Web Development
Java Level 2
Database Level 2
Python Level 2
AngularJS Level 2
HTML Level 2
PHP MVC Level 2
PHP Level 2
Javascript Level 2
Programming & IT
MySQL Level 2
Web Host & Server Management
AWS Level 2