Job Details
Project Manager - Video Marketing Agency - Rockstar needed!
Posted: 07/27/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
[Firstly - this will start as a part time role from 12pm - 4pm EST]
A people person with a knack for helping others. Very detailed oriented, nothing-falls-through-the-cracks, well-spoken and well-written. Ambitious, hungry for new knowledge, and willing to learn about themselves and grow in their career and as a person.
We make short videos that help businesses promote themselves. We help some of the coolest Tech Startups you see in Business Insider & Forbes, as well as Fortune 500s. Their projects need to be managed with excellence.

Your job is to turn our clients into raving fans, by guiding them through our video production process, delivering a great video, and giving them a 5 star experience.
You'll work with teams all around the globe where everyone is appreciated and we all have our own say in the company’s trajectory. We’re a small team of high performers that are constantly learning & getting better.
Roles & Responsibilities:
You’ll be responsible for co-managing up to 50 client video projects. You'll lead the client through the entire process, from you leading the first kickoff call and managing our global team to deliver their final video. You’ll experience challenges along the way (maybe some feedback from a client that the animation team doesn’t understand, or 5 video projects being delivered at the same time with a deadline looming for each), so you'll need to think on your feet!
You MUST be a fast learner and adaptable, able to make decisions quickly in a high pressure, fast-paced environment. Seriously, it’s fast-paced. You’ve gotta be able to handle the curveballs with grace. You won’t be micromanaged!

- Lead Kick Off calls with clients to understand their business and their video preferences
- Translate kick off calls into clear briefs for the script writers and animation teams
- Keep clients updated continuously on the project status (clients should never have to email to ask "when will be receiving the next deliverable")
- Stay in constant contact with animation teams to ensure deadlines are met
- Turn our clients into raving fans by giving them exceptional customer service
Requirements & Qualifications:
- Be a very quick learner.
- Self-Accountable Commitment to Excellence - whatever it takes to be great, not good. No micromanaging, get it done!
- Must be kind, courteous, friendly with great communication while having a hard-working disposition.
- You bring solutions to the table when problems and challenges come up.
- Have a life-giving, positive attitude no matter what’s thrown your way.
- You’re going to take ownership of the time you spend with us and truly make a difference (because the right person really will make a huge difference to our company!)
Skills Required:
Business Services
Project Management Level 3
Finance & Management
Project Planning Level 3
Administrative Support
Virtual Assistant Level 3