Job Details
Data Management Analyst
Posted: 08/02/2020
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a company that sells cake decorating equipment online on various channels, retail site, trade site, eBay, Amazon & finally, our London store through a new POS system.
The brief for this job is to be able to create a process system and a systematic way to ensure a product is available on all these channels through a series of data imports and exports.
The trade site mirrors the retail site and just has different price schemes for wholesale buyers.
Whilst in-store ePos system requires a new import, exported from the sites so that we are systematically able to have all products available on all the channels we desire to sell.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • be able to confidently run a series of exports and imports to clean up all information.
  • ensure all products have barcodes, code reference numbers added.
  • add all data from the retail site into the new POS system for retail
  • Ensure all products are available on the wholesale/trade site.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Key responsibilities are as follows:
► Extracting, analysing, and reporting data using Excel, Tableau, SQL and other tools.
► Streamlining Key Reporting / KPIs for all departments within the Data team, Sales and Marketing team.
► Providing customer insight intelligence, collating and arranging data into valuable information.
► Reporting and presenting comprehensive data analysis - ultimately working towards achieving uplift in revenue per category or group of customers.
► Assisting in Business Development projects as well as Sales & Marketing insight analysis.
► Analysing daily online traffic and conversion using different online analytical tools like google analytics, google Adwords, channel advisor etc.
►Undertake ad-hoc reporting and analytics task based on business requirements and needs.
►Recognise and extract critical indicators from large and complex data sets; interpret and express these indicators in a business context.
Skills Required:
General Computer Skills
Microsoft Excel Level 1
Web Development
MySQL Database Level 1
Database Level 1
Programming & IT
MySQL Level 1
Administrative Support
Data Processing Level 1
Sales & Marketing
Data Analytics Level 1