Job Details
Assistant / Junior Designer
Posted: 08/03/2020
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a small, remote and distributed team with a passion to make the world a better place and we're looking for the next member of our little team! 
With the world turned upside down, we're looking for someone awesome to join our team as an assistant and junior designer to dive in and help create a really great little agency that makes a big impact. 
Exactly how we push forward may depend a little on what you bring to the table, but generally will involve rolling your sleeves up and getting involved each day, contributing to creating and maintaining something great. 
Ultimately we're looking for someone who is part admin assistant and part junior designer. Someone who can help get things organized and get involved on the admin side, and someone who has an interest in doing some design work as we go and who can help on text entry projects, keeping super clean files, etc. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
Exact role and responsibilities will depend on your background and areas of passion and what you bring to the table. Overall though, some of the following areas are important for this role:
  • Virtual project coordination. 
  • A strong passion for making the world a better place each and every day. 
  • An interest in design, branding, graphics, and visual communication. 
  • A passion for content creation in smart and snappy ways. 
  • A passion for creating and maintaining systems. 
  • A love for the English language (strong English is required) 
  • Strong text entry and virtual file management and organization. 
  • A curious mind. 
  • A passion for strategy and planning out messaging
  • A zest for creative expression. 
  • A desire to learn and improve. 
Requirements & Qualifications:
We're aiming to hire someone based on attitude and fit more than anything else, but there are some key background areas that would be great to hit on:
  • Experience working in a small team. 
  • Experience working in a virtual workplace with a distributed team. 
  • Experience managing projects for small business clients. 
  • Experience creating systems where they don't currently exist. 
  • Positive attitude. 
  • Experience working in areas of marketing, advertising, design, brand expression, and related. 
  • Project and client management background. 
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Admin Assistant Level 4
Virtual Assistant Level 3
General Computer Skills
Team Player Level 4
Writing & Content
Content Writing Level 3
English Proofreading Level 2
Design & Multimedia
Adobe InDesign Level 3
Finance & Management
Project Planning Level 1
Sales & Marketing
Advertising Level 1