Job Details
Senior Developer
Posted: 09/15/2020
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a community of unique individuals that puts productivity and camaraderie first. The company utilizes that talents and brings out their potential. We understand the needs of our employees and listen to them.

We are looking for a Senior Developer that could add up to our growing company. 

Be part of our growing team of Talents!

Roles & Responsibilities:
Development Operations

  • Linux or Mac as their main workstation, and Linux only for all project servers
  • Linux commands like tmux, ps, ab, firewall-cmd, systemctl, and variations of apt-get/yum are usually not looked up anymore.
  • Continuous integration with Gitlab or Bamboo; or with bash, envoy, capistrano, etc. is a plus.
  • Experienced with tools designed to secure, monitor, maintain, and re-create server environments.
  • Experienced with performance tuning of each technology stack used, and produce measurable results. Performance tuning with the application itself is also expected.
  • Experienced working with CasperJS, Selenium, Dusk, Browserstack is a plus.
  • Experienced working with Docker, Docker Compose, and Docker Swarm also a plus.
  • Experienced working with Virtual Machines, VPS, AWS EC2/Digital Ocean/Linode/etc
  • Experienced with documentation related to software development operations
  • Experienced with code quality control


  • Experienced with Git, and with different git branching strategies.
    Resolving conflicts that cannot be resolved by other team members are just a cup of coffee for the day for you.
  • Experienced working with a team of developers, able to split/absorb the work load as required, and have worked with platforms like JIRA Software, Gitlab, Redmine, etc.
  • Have experience leading, or having a major contribution to the direction of a project.
  • Provide technical assistance/support to project stakeholders and customers thru support channels.

Backend Development

  • Experience with a multitude of programming languages are a plus. PHP as primary language is preferred. Have mainly worked with Laravel.
  • Experience with CakePHP/Magento/Yii, Ruby on Rails is a plus.
  • Experienced working with MySQL joins, views, and stored procedures.
  • Experienced working with Nginx/Apache and PHP’s built in web server.
  • Experience working with NodeJS; or with frameworks like React Native, Nuxt.js, Next.js, etc.
  • Experienced with Unit Testing, and can determine when one is required immediately or not.
  • Experienced working with different API services like Stripe/Paypal/Google/Facebook/etc. Having worked with multiple API version changes is a plus.

Frontend Development

  • Experienced with Javascript, and have used/mainly used Angular/Vue/React
  • Experienced with websockets/----------
  • Experienced with scalable and team maintainable code for javascript and styles
  • Having worked with Swift, Objective C, or Java for Android development is a plus
Requirements & Qualifications:
* has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology and other related courses. 
* with at least 5 years working experience in the same field. 
* willing to work in Alabang, Muntinlupa. 
* can start ASAP

Notes: This is an OFFICE-BASED JOB.
Skills Required:
Web Development
PHP Level 4
PHP MVC Level 4
React Level 4
AngularJS Level 4
MySQL Database Level 4
jQuery Level 4
CSS Level 4
HTML Level 4
Javascript Level 4
MSSQL Level 4