Job Details
looking for talented video and graphic designers
Posted: 10/11/2020
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for talented video and graphic designers who want to grow their salary and skills with our company.
We are looking for part-time and full-time positions starting immediately, with junior and senior jobs with salaries starting at $3/hr with jobs that pay as high as $10/hr starting for senior designer/editor/trainer roles
Additional benefits of the job:
A quarterly bonus of $100 for reaching goals
Monthly raises
lots of room to grow into a management/leadership/training role
graphics card upgrades provided after 3 months of working at the company
Talented staff will meet with the CEO to strategize a plan to double their salaries in 2 years
Please send us:
Salary expectations
English level: Speaking/writing/reading/understanding video
Additional skills or interests that may be valuable in your role: examples of things that we would also look for: WordPress, SEO, programming, scraping, phone center, lead gen, paid advertisement. Writing.
We will have a paid test for candidates before a 10-minute video chat interview.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Senior Role: 
Daily video editing of videos for social media, video editing of high level videos for advertisements 
Creating high level templates designs for graphics for social media 
Junior role: 
Assisting senior video editor with minor edits
Creating daily graphics for social media 
Adding content to websites 
administrative tasks that may include searching for information, transcription, sending out emails 
Requirements & Qualifications:
Required Experience with: 
Adobe Photoshop, after effects, premier pro, illustrator 
Social media strategy 
Video creation strategy 
Additional Skills: 
SEO, WordPress, administrative

English at a high level is required 
Skills Required:
Design & Multimedia
Photoshop Level 5
Adobe Illustrator Level 5
After Effects Level 5
Adobe Premiere Level 5
Video Production Level 5
Video Editing Level 5
Infographics Level 4
Graphic Design Level 4
Photo Editing Level 3
Web Design Level 3