Job Details
Work Remotely As A Research Aide
Posted: 11/16/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
Working remotely from home as a temporary research aide collecting data and earn weekly. Kindly provide the required information below and I will send you a follow up email detailing your work schedule.

Full Name:
Other Cell # (If any):
Alternate email (if any):
Kindly send in your resume in a Word or PDF format
Roles & Responsibilities:
Collects edits, processes, and coordinates research data in support of a specified research study or group of studies. Arranges and conducts field interviews as appropriate to the study, and records research data in accordance with specified protocol and procedures.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Good honors degree in a science subject related research works. A Fresh graduate, A Diploma Degree Holder
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Internet Research Level 3
Admin Assistant Level 1
Data Processing Level 1
Sales & Marketing
Data Analytics Level 1