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Android, Play Store, Unity 3D, Xamarin, Rapid Skill Learning, Microsoft Excel, Problem Solving, Team Player, Typing Speed, Project Management
Android, Play Store, Unity 3D, Xamarin, Rapid Skill Learning, Microsoft Excel, Problem Solving, Team Player, Typing Speed, Project Management
Name: Alexandre Leal
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Gender: Male
Desired Salary: $3500/Month
Age: 29
Name: Alexandre Leal
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Desired Salary: $3500/Month
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Gender: Male
Age: 29
About Me
I'm an Engineer with a good know how on software development, I've started to study development when I was 16 and started to work with it when I was in college. I've worked for some multinational companies like (Areva/Alstom), and some startups (Loyal Apps/Skillab). In Alstom, I was hired as Junior Developer, and I worked with software development for the electrical grid, developing a system for control and supervision of the grid, I've mastered some skillab as Java, VB.NET, SQL Server, MySQL, some network protocols. Then I've moved to Loyal Apps, that was my startup that worked with software solutions for any third companies, I had a partner there, and most of our clients were for a mobile solution, android/ios. Some using native language and others with Xamarim or Unity, I've done some jobs creating API in PHP, and some desktop systems for restaurants. (I and my partner stopped the partnership, so we closed the company). My last job was on Skillab Content Games, it was a startup that worked with educational game development, I started there as a senior developer and after some time I assumed the Project Management. I worked with Xamarim, Unity 3D and native programming. (The company is closed now, so I just do some freelance jobs to them).
Work Environment
  • Work Place: Home
  • Work Station: Laptop
  • Internet Speed: 7 Mbps and Higher
English Speaking & Writing
  • English Speaking: Conversational English
  • English Writing: College Level
Previous Work Experience
Work Description:
Senior Developer / Project Management
Company Name:
Skillab Content Games
Work Experience:
3 Years
Work Description:
Middle Developer / Team Leader
Company Name:
Loyal Apps
Work Experience:
2 Years
Work Description:
Junior Developer
Company Name:
Alstom Grid
Work Experience:
3 Years
My Skills
Programming & IT
Xamarin Level 5
Unity 3D Level 5
MySQL Level 4
Scrum Development Level 4
SQL Level 4
VB.NET Level 4
VBA Level 4
Microsoft Visual Studio Level 4
JSON Level 4
C# Programming Level 4
Java ME Level 4
C Programming Level 3
C++ Programming Level 3
Database Programming Level 3
Eclipse Level 3
Git Level 3
IT Management Level 3
Machine Learning Level 3
MongoDB Level 3
NetBeans Level 3
NoSQL Level 3
API Level 3
.NET Framework Level 3
Mobile Applications
Android Level 5
Mobile Programming Level 5
Play Store Level 5
Android Honeycomb Level 4
Android SDK Level 4
App Development Level 4
App Store Level 4
iOS Level 3
iOS 5 Level 3
iOS 6 Level 3
iOS 7 Level 3
iOS 8 Level 3
iPad Level 3
iPhone SDK Level 3
General Computer Skills
Typing Speed Level 5
Team Player Level 5
Problem Solving Level 5
Microsoft Excel Level 5
Rapid Skill Learning Level 5
Software Development
Desktop Applications Level 4
Game Development Level 4
Application Interface Level 3
Software Integration Level 3
Software Plug-ins Level 3
Testing/QA Level 3
Swift Development Level 3
Engineering, Manufacturing & Science
Arduino Level 4
AutoCAD Level 4
Electrical Engineering Level 4
Engineering Level 3
Business Services
Project Management Level 5
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