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Ajax, PHP, Scripts & Utilities, Mobile Programming, Phonegap, API, Facebook Development, Laravel, Linux, Ubuntu
Ajax, PHP, Scripts & Utilities, Mobile Programming, Phonegap, API, Facebook Development, Laravel, Linux, Ubuntu
Name: Mariano Peyregne
Location: Santa Fe, Argentina
Available: Freelance Available As Needed
Gender: Male
Desired Salary: Negotiable
Age: 28
Name: Mariano Peyregne
Available: Freelance Available As Needed
Desired Salary: Negotiable
Location: Santa Fe, Argentina
Gender: Male
Age: 28
About Me
Thank you for taking your time to review my profile. I have been a full stack web developer since 2007. I'm a computer engineer passionate about technologies. I have worked in several companies, many projects and solved many challenges in different sizes all over the world. Even, I had people in charge as a project manager. I love GTD (Getting things done) methodology and I feel good when the projects are finished and delivered to the clients. I like entrepreneurship and I've founded many startups. I'm a Spanish native speaker but I also feel very comfortable communicating and writing both professionally and casually in the English language. I feel good solving ambitious challenges and I'm able to learn as many technologies as needed to solve them in an efficient way. At the moment, the technologies I'm using daily are: - LAMP / LEMP stacks - Laravel 4/5 - Symfony X - Javascript / Jquery - Angular 1.x / 2 - Ionic 1/2 - Cordova / Phonegap When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with family, friends and traveling to different cities. I like doing sports: swimming and going to the gym. I would like to join a company that is looking for someone ready to work part or full time and that has a passion for every job/task they are assigned. I work well with one person, small teams and large teams. If you want I can give you contact data about my past employers and colleagues to get references of my work. Also, I'm available to take small tasks so you feel satisfied with my skills.
Work Environment
  • Work Place: Office
  • Work Station: Laptop
  • Internet Speed: 5-6 Mbps
English Speaking & Writing
  • English Speaking: Conversational English
  • English Writing: College Level
Previous Work Experience
Work Description:
Full Stack Web Developer
Company Name:
Work Experience:
2 Years
Work Description:
Chief Technology Officer
Company Name:
Work Experience:
3 Years
Work Description:
Frontend Developer with Angular2
Company Name:
Work Experience:
1 Year
My Skills
Programming & IT
Yii Level 5
Web Services Level 5
Ubuntu Level 5
Linux Level 5
Laravel Level 5
Facebook Development Level 5
API Level 5
Zoho Level 4
Web Scraping Level 4
Twig Level 4
Symfony Level 4
REST Level 4
MySQL Level 4
Nginx Level 4
Artificial Intelligence Level 3
C++ Programming Level 3
libcurl Level 3
Symfony PHP Level 3
Web Development
PHP Level 5
Ajax Level 5
AngularJS Level 5
CSS Level 4
HTML Level 4
Javascript Level 4
jQuery Level 4
MySQL Database Level 4
Wordpress Level 4
Mobile Applications
Phonegap Level 5
Mobile Programming Level 5
App Development Level 4
Play Store Level 4
Android Level 3
iOS Level 3
Web Host & Server Management
DNS Level 4
cPanel Level 4
AWS S3 Storage Level 4
Apache Level 4
AWS Level 3
Software Development
Web Analytics Level 5
Scripts & Utilities Level 5
Application Interface Level 4
Engineering, Manufacturing & Science
Arduino Level 3
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