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CSS, HTML, Portuguese (Brazil), FTP, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, PHP MVC, Wordpress, Application Interface
CSS, HTML, Portuguese (Brazil), FTP, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, PHP MVC, Wordpress, Application Interface
Name: Márcio Passos
Location: Belém, Brazil
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Gender: Male
Desired Salary: $4000/Month
Age: 36
Name: Márcio Passos
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Desired Salary: $4000/Month
Location: Belém, Brazil
Gender: Male
Age: 36
About Me
I like to build Web Applications, not just Websites. I like to work with JS and API. Oh, I also love WordPress. I am a fan of CodeIgniter. Lately, I've been coding PHP and JavaScript (using EmberJS) mostly, but I also like any other *free* programming language for the web. I'm an advanced intermediate web developer with the server-side background for my years working as a support consultant for various jobs/gigs here in Brazil. I hold a Microsoft Certified Professional certificate for TCP/IP networking. I'm also a Human-Computer Interaction researcher with 2 published papers and remote collaboration work experience. I work with the LiNE / USP (Laboratory for Informatics and Education @ University Of São Paulo). I'm here to find a place to work where I can be part of a team of developers and designers/ux that are better than me and whom I can learn from and at the same time contribute to the projects with my current knowledge. I'm also looking for a process, to work with project managers in big and well-documented projects, to follow guidelines. I have some demo apps using emberjs, emberjs + cordova android app, electron app. Most I did for fun and study, others for work. One of then is a facebook comment filter app, looks for questions, compliments, etc. Most using Firebase as backend, others PHP / Code Igniter. Feel free to ask for samples of my work.
Work Environment
  • Work Place: Home
  • Work Station: Desktop
  • Internet Speed: 7 Mbps and Higher
English Speaking & Writing
  • English Speaking: Fluent English
  • English Writing: College Level
Previous Work Experience
Work Description:
Technology and Applications Manager (Full-stack)
Company Name:
Secretariat of Planning and Economic Development @ Alagoas State Government in Brazil
Work Experience:
3 Years
Work Description:
Jr. Support Analyst (Internship)
Company Name:
Commercial Board @ Alagoas State Government in Brazil
Work Experience:
1 Year
Work Description:
Translations / Communications Volunteer
Company Name:
World Social Forum 2009
Work Experience:
My Skills
Web Development
HTML Level 5
CSS Level 5
Wordpress Level 4
PHP MVC Level 4
PHP Level 4
jQuery Level 4
Javascript Level 4
FTP Level 4
MySQL Database Level 3
Database Level 3
Ajax Level 3
Programming & IT
Network Administration Level 4
TCP/IP Level 4
Web Services Development Level 3
System Administration Level 3
Software Architecture Level 3
REST Level 3
Moodle Level 3
JSON Level 3
Google Maps Level 3
GitHub Level 3
Content Management System Level 3
API Level 3
Web Host & Server Management
Apache Level 4
Server Administration Level 3
Network Administration Level 3
Managing Servers Level 3
DNS Level 3
Software Development
Troubleshooting Level 4
Application Interface Level 4
Translation & Languages
Portuguese (Brazil) Level 5
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