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Attention to Detail, Fast Pace Working, Rapid Skill Learning, Flexible Schedule, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Problem Solving, English Proofreading, English Punctuation, Customer Support
Attention to Detail, Fast Pace Working, Rapid Skill Learning, Flexible Schedule, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Problem Solving, English Proofreading, English Punctuation, Customer Support
Name: Estuardo Garcia
Location: Guatemala, Guatemala
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Gender: Male
Desired Salary: $2400/Month
Age: 28
Name: Estuardo Garcia
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Desired Salary: $2400/Month
Location: Guatemala, Guatemala
Gender: Male
Age: 28
About Me
I have experience as a Project Manager, Client Manager, Virtual Assistant and Graphic Design background. During my time at Versata, I have been a Project Manager and a Platinum Experience Manager. As a Platinum Experience Manager, I was in charge of the most important clients that they had. My job was to make sure that they were receiving the type of support they were promised (Customer service, sales, contracts, etc.). I also worked for Xerox managing their most important account (U.S. Government - Navy, Marines, Army, etc.) I was a virtual assistant and a project manager for several U.S.-based sales representatives. I plan to utilize all of my experience that I have gained throughout these years in any / all upcoming jobs. I personally push myself to the limit in order to go "the extra mile", since there is nothing else that I love more than exceeding my goals and expectations. I have no problem utilizing general software / Web Apps (Microsoft Office - Specialized in Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, Skype, Zendesk, GoToMeeting, Google Docs, Calendar, OneNote, etc.) I am fluent in English and Spanish (Verbal and Written). I have a flexible schedule. I have an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design and I am currently finalizing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. My goal will always be to become an asset for the business I am working for. In the end, I am just an honest family man looking for a way to make a living.
Work Environment
  • Work Place: Home
  • Work Station: Laptop
  • Internet Speed: 2-4 Mbps
English Speaking & Writing
  • English Speaking:
  • English Writing: Professional Level
Previous Work Experience
Work Description:
Platinum Experience Manager & Project Manager
Company Name:
Work Experience:
2 Years
Work Description:
Virtual Sales Administrator & Project Manager
Company Name:
Work Experience:
4 Years Or More
Work Description:
Collection Specialist and Team Leader
Company Name:
Work Experience:
2 Years
Work Description:
Junior Manager & Program Manager
Company Name:
AquaGreen S.A.
Work Experience:
4 Years Or More
My Skills
General Computer Skills
Fast Pace Working Level 5
Attention to Detail Level 5
Problem Solving Level 5
Microsoft Excel Level 5
Google Docs Level 5
Flexible Schedule Level 5
Rapid Skill Learning Level 5
Team Player Level 4
Microsoft Word Level 4
Microsoft Powerpoint Level 4
Typing Speed Level 3
Microsoft Outlook Level 3
Design & Multimedia
Photoshop Level 4
Illustrator Level 4
Print Level 3
Stationery Design Level 3
Templates Level 3
Presentation Design Level 3
Poster Design Level 3
Photo Editing Level 3
Microsoft PowerPoint Level 3
Logo Design Level 3
Illustration Level 3
Graphic Design Level 3
Flyer Design Level 3
Banner Ads Level 3
Advertisement Design Level 3
Adobe Illustrator Level 3
Administrative Support
Time Management Level 4
Virtual Assistant Level 4
General Office Skills Level 4
Email Handling Level 4
Admin Assistant Level 4
Office Admin Level 4
Calendaring Level 3
Data Entry Level 3
Desktop Support Level 3
Event Planning Level 3
Helpdesk Level 3
Telephone Handling Level 3
Typing Level 3
Customer Service
Email Support Level 5
Customer Support Level 5
Order Processing Level 4
Phone Support Level 4
Technical Support Level 4
Chat Support Level 4
Finance & Management
Project Planning Level 5
Program Management Level 5
Management Skills Level 5
Business Management Level 4
Sales & Marketing
Account Management Level 4
Sales Level 4
Data Analytics Level 3
Writing & Content
English Proofreading Level 5
English Punctuation Level 5
Business Services
Project Management Level 5
Planning Level 4
Programming & IT
CMS Level 4
Translation & Languages
Spanish (Spain) Level 3
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