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Ajax, jQuery, PHP, Troubleshooting, Implementation, Customer Support, HTML, Java, Javascript, MySQL Database
Ajax, jQuery, PHP, Troubleshooting, Implementation, Customer Support, HTML, Java, Javascript, MySQL Database
Name: Felipe Butcher
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Gender: Male
Desired Salary: $4500/Month
Age: 35
Name: Felipe Butcher
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Desired Salary: $4500/Month
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Gender: Male
Age: 35
About Me
My first IT related job (intern) was in 2003. Started working on the IT company of the municipal government of Belo Horizonte. Started working with PHP intranet systems and had my first contact with Linux servers.  My second job (intern too) was in the Bank of Brazil in 2004. Working with more experienced developers we built a big system used by the bank's team. After that, I worked in a small web design company (about 5 employees) in 2006. In this job, I went deeper in PHP development where we've created our own PHP framework which we used to build systems for our clients.  By that time I was finishing my graduation course in Computer Science. My final paper was really exciting. I built a code generator to remotely call PHP methods using Javascript with Ajax. This paper was presented at a conference of a federal university in Brazil. Then I joined IBM in a worldwide team. Worked in the development of a big internal system of IBM in Java with WebSphere server. After IBM I worked for Accenture. This job was challenging because we developed and supported systems for huge metal factories. That support was critical because a production machine stopped in a factory means a lot of money loss per minute. Then I came back to IBM and worked there for more 3 years. I had the opportunity to join a top team and worked with trending technology stuff like cloud management and devices to support IBM conferences.
Work Environment
  • Work Place: Home
  • Work Station: Desktop
  • Internet Speed: 2-4 Mbps
English Speaking & Writing
  • English Speaking: Conversational English
  • English Writing: Professional Level
Previous Work Experience
Work Description:
Architect and Developer
Company Name:
Work Experience:
3 Years
Work Description:
Senior System Analyst
Company Name:
Work Experience:
3 Years
Work Description:
J2EE Software Engineer
Company Name:
Work Experience:
2 Years
My Skills
Web Development
jQuery Level 5
PHP Level 5
Ajax Level 5
PHP MVC Level 4
MySQL Database Level 4
Javascript Level 4
Java Level 4
HTML Level 4
AngularJS Level 3
Database Level 3
CSS Level 3
Mobile Applications
Play Store Level 4
Mobile Programming Level 4
Android Level 4
Android SDK Level 4
Mobile App Testing Level 3
iPhone SDK Level 3
iPad Level 3
iOS 8 Level 3
iOS 7 Level 3
iOS 6 Level 3
iOS 5 Level 3
iOS Level 3
App Store Level 3
Web Host & Server Management
Implementation Level 5
Server Administration Level 4
Managing Servers Level 4
AWS S3 Storage Level 4
Jenkins Level 3
Administration Level 3
Apache Level 3
ERP / CRM Level 3
Network Administration Level 3
AWS Developer Level 3
AWS DevOps Level 3
Docker Level 3
Software Development
Troubleshooting Level 5
Testing/QA Level 4
Software Integration Level 4
Application Interface Level 4
Software Plug-ins Level 3
Scripts & Utilities Level 3
Desktop Applications Level 3
Programming & IT
Node.js Level 4
Atom Level 4
Application Programming Level 4
API Level 4
Algorithm Development Level 4
C++ Programming Level 3
Cloud Computing Level 3
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 5
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