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Google Docs, Chat Support, Project Management, Phone Support, Virtual Assistant, Internet Research, General Office Skills, Email Handling, Data Processing, Internet Browsing, Microsoft Word, Admin Assistant, BPO, Call Center Skills, Craigslist, Word Processing, Customer Support, Time Management, Account Management, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Planning, Recruiting, eCommerce Management, Sales Letters, Online Writing, Attention to Detail, Fast Pace Working, Rapid Skill Learning,...
Google Docs, Chat Support, Project Management, Phone Support, Virtual Assistant, Internet Research, General Office Skills, Email Handling, Data Processing, Internet Browsing, Microsoft Word, Admin...
Name: Samuel Jay Calvo
Location: Vigan City, Philippines
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Gender: Male
Desired Salary: $500/Month
Age: 23
Name: Samuel Jay Calvo
Available: Full Time 40 Hours/Week or More
Desired Salary: $500/Month
Location: Vigan City, Philippines
Gender: Male
Age: 23
About Me
I'm a top-notch virtual assistant from the Philippines. In hindsight, I consider myself to be highly competent and capable of doing different tasks. I have vast experience in virtual/admin assistance. I work quickly and efficiently under pressure, truly enjoy being busy and I always seek for fulfillment. Three years ago, I started my career as a virtual assistant and I've worked with outstanding companies around the world. I have built up a very enviable network of contacts which I think most other candidates would find hard to beat. I have developed successful relationships with key decision makers in numerous companies and this enables me to achieve a sales conversion rate much higher than average. I believe that my previous track record is a clear evidence of what I would be able to achieve for you if you decide to appoint me to the role. I’m ambitious, highly driven and I relish a challenge. With given excellence with my past work experiences, curricular and academics, I'm certain that I have the capability and skills to meet goals and objectives.
My Video Introduction
Work Environment
  • Work Place: Home
  • Work Station: Laptop
  • Internet Speed: 5-6 Mbps
English Speaking & Writing
  • English Speaking: Fluent English
  • English Writing: Professional Level
Previous Work Experience
Work Description:
Executive Assistant
Company Name:
Million Rising
Work Experience:
1 Year
Work Description:
Operations Manager
Company Name:
Work Experience:
1 Year
Work Description:
Administrative tasks, recruitment, QA
Company Name:
Work Experience:
1 Year
Work Description:
Administrative tasks,graphics design,social media
Company Name:
American Sand Products
Work Experience:
1 Year
Work Description:
Operations Manager
Company Name:
Work Experience:
2 Years
My Skills
Administrative Support
Virtual Assistant Level 5
Internet Research Level 5
General Office Skills Level 5
Email Handling Level 5
Data Processing Level 5
Admin Assistant Level 5
BPO Level 5
Call Center Skills Level 5
Craigslist Level 5
Time Management Level 4
eCommerce Management Level 4
Video Upload Level 3
General Computer Skills
Google Docs Level 5
Internet Browsing Level 5
Microsoft Word Level 5
Attention to Detail Level 4
Fast Pace Working Level 4
Rapid Skill Learning Level 4
Flexible Schedule Level 4
Problem Solving Level 4
Team Player Level 4
Typing Speed Level 4
Microsoft Powerpoint Level 3
Microsoft Outlook Level 3
Microsoft Excel Level 3
Writing & Content
Word Processing Level 4
Sales Letters Level 4
Online Writing Level 4
Letter Writing Level 4
Feature Writing Level 3
Editing Level 3
Copywriting Level 3
Content Writing Level 3
Blog Level 3
Sales & Marketing
Account Management Level 4
Affiliate Marketing Level 4
Email Marketing Level 4
Branding Level 3
Brochures Level 3
Customer Service
Chat Support Level 5
Phone Support Level 5
Customer Support Level 4
Business Services
Project Management Level 5
Planning Level 4
Recruiting Level 4
Design & Multimedia
Photoshop Level 4
Web Development
Wordpress Level 3
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