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Java, Python, Game Development, Android, App Development, Mobile Programming, C# Programming, REST, Unity 3D, 3D
Java, Python, Game Development, Android, App Development, Mobile Programming, C# Programming, REST, Unity 3D, 3D
Name: William Queen
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Available: Part Time 30 Hours/Week or Less
Gender: Male
Desired Salary: $5000/Month
Age: 34
Name: William Queen
Available: Part Time 30 Hours/Week or Less
Desired Salary: $5000/Month
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Gender: Male
Age: 34
About Me
Today I am specialized in Android development, although I have knowledge in many other fields like design, music and 3D modeling/animation. I graduated in graphic design at the equivalent of School of Fine Arts in Brazil and worked as an art director in F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, but after I left there I have only been working as a developer, but in my free time I often study other computer related things, like digital illustration, 3d modeling and music composition. As I know a lot of different things that can be done on a computer, I am now studying machine learning with neural networks, mostly because artificial intelligence may help me build a creative robot that could outperform me as an artist/musician, because I believe that by inputting everything I know about art and music into a neural network, I could somehow create content faster than I could do manually.
Work Environment
  • Work Place: Home
  • Work Station: Desktop
  • Internet Speed: 7 Mbps and Higher
English Speaking & Writing
  • English Speaking: Fluent English
  • English Writing: College Level
Previous Work Experience
Work Description:
Android, Unity3d, iOS, Python, and JS developer
Company Name:
On Interactive
Work Experience:
4 Years Or More
Work Description:
Art Director for Claro, Skol, Unibanco and Nike
Company Name:
F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Work Experience:
3 Years
Work Description:
Art assistant and Flash developer/animator
Company Name:
Tribo Interactive
Work Experience:
3 Years
My Skills
Programming & IT
Unity 3D Level 5
REST Level 5
C# Programming Level 5
Windows Level 4
Ubuntu Level 4
Node.js Level 4
MySQL Level 4
MongoDB Level 4
Metatrader Level 4
Mac OSX Level 4
Linux Level 4
Google Maps Level 4
GitHub Level 4
Artificial Intelligence Level 4
ActionScript Level 4
Mac OS Level 4
Socket IO Level 3
Photoshop Coding Level 3
OpenCV Level 3
OpenCL Level 3
NoSQL Level 3
CUDA Level 3
Design & Multimedia
Photoshop Level 5
Flash Level 5
After Effects Level 5
Adobe Illustrator Level 5
3D Level 5
Web Design Level 4
UX/UI Level 4
Creative Design Level 3
Digital Painting Level 3
Digital Photography Level 3
Graphic Design Level 3
Logo Design Level 3
Motion Graphics Level 3
Music Level 3
Photography Level 3
Sketching Level 3
Sound Design Level 3
Typography Level 3
3D Rendering Level 3
3D Modeling Level 3
3D Design Level 3
3D Animation Level 3
Mobile Applications
Mobile Programming Level 5
App Development Level 5
Android Level 5
Mobile App Testing Level 4
iPhone SDK Level 4
iOS Level 4
Play Store Level 3
App Store Level 3
Web Development
Python Level 5
Java Level 5
FTP Level 4
Software Development
Game Development Level 5
Swift Development Level 3
Desktop Applications Level 3
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